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Along with the annoying soporific heat and sweaty palms, summer welcomes another rather inconvenient condition among people: the effect of allergens. Believe me, this can be, at times, the most annoying of all conditions. While you sneeze your way to your workplace/school in the morning and greet your colleagues with an “atchoo” every so often, the chronic condition adds to your daily problems with a runny nose, watery eyes, dark circles (denying your eight hours of sleep), and an unfriendly, irritated mood. Like our life’s problems weren’t enough already! What does the Doc say? “Prevention, prevention, prevention”

Yes, sadly, there is no cure.

Dust mites—microscopic insects—are at peak during the summer. The summer winds bring in these pesky dust insects abundantly. They reproduce and thrive during hot and humid weathers, clinging and nesting in fabrics such as carpets, beds, and clothes causing great havoc in our noses by affecting our immune systems. Another irksome culprit, blameworthy for the nasal allergies, is pollen. This particular allergen is most abundant during spring season, leaving only grasses and weed pollination for the summer. However, you may be unaware of any residue pollen that sneaked into your house and is still 
lying around. As we learned and experimented in 5th and yes, it is another irritant for the awfully-sensitive noses. Now that you know why you were always sneezing and wheezing around in the hot summer season, go tell your friends—nicely—why a “cold” doesn’t necessarily have to be a condition of a “cold” weather.

Now that that’s settled, let move on to the “prevention” part.

Unfortunately, these nose-unfriendly irritants tend to stick around our houses and we are often heedless to their presence. Simply vacuuming the carpets and washing the clothes won’t do the trick because they are still lurking elsewhere. “Elsewhere” could mean ducts, air vents, or furnaces located anywhere in your house. Air quality can vary considerably by duct cleaning and furnace cleaning services. These should be done regularly and professionally.

Duct cleaning prevents the accumulated dust, debris, mold, or other contaminants from shedding into your household and polluting the air. Not only does this improve the efficiency of the cooling/heating system, but also prevents the improper functionality of your immune system (allergic reactions). The duct/furnace cleaning services will send their well-trained tech specialists to clean you air ducts using special and proper equipment. The specialists are usually experienced and trained by several programs including safety and health programs initiated by institutes. First, they will inspect the condition of your air ducts.

They will also be able to identify cracks and leaks inside which dust and debris could have been built up. grade class, mold loves damp, humid temperatures, Then, after vacuuming your ductwork with a high-powered vacuum truck, they will use manual power brushes to further remove the debris inside.It is essential to select a certified duct cleaning service. You don’t want a bunch of random hobos with a common, household vacuum cleaner ripping you off!

For those of you who live in or near Edmonton, Alberta, Professional Furnace Cleaning service would be an excellent option. Not only will they send trained specialists with state-of-art equipment, they will ensure that the service is convenient and fits your busy schedule. They also promise a satisfying service with money-back-guarantee. Besides duct cleaning and furnace cleaning, they offer upholstery and carpet cleaning services as well. Check out their packages and offers by calling them, sending quotes, and book your appointment. Your furnace cleaning may be long overdue!

Professional Duct Cleaning services are well-equipped with custom, highly advance powerful vacuums which will eradicate every bit of dust and debris from ducts, whether it is a home or a business. These companies serve a large network of areas including St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove and many others.

Professional Canadian furnace cleaning companies also offers a range of cleaning services including carpet, upholstery, furnace/ duct cleaning, maid, and even flood rescue services. You can even view cleaning process demo on some of their websites.

Doing your research and reading several reviews before deciding on the best duct or furnace cleaning service would be a good idea. Find out about their offers, price reasonability, customer satisfaction, quality, and most importantly ratings and certifications. Only then will you be able to decide the best combination of guarantees that fit you.

Fact: About 40,000 dust mites, a common cause of household allergies, can be found in only one ounce of dust.

Now imagine what kind of pests you’ve been harboring inside those walls.